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    Empowering Your Profit Growth


    Patented Process Intensification

  • Our patented process-intensification utilities, kinetics, catalysts and control empower petrochemical’s value-added supply chain with the manufacturing standard for the next generation.

    This proprietary technology produces in minutes what takes traditional manufacturers to do in hours, giving TID customers an unequalled competitive advantage that helps convert market demand into profits both quickly and successfully.

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  • TID’s System Can Empower Your Profit Growth

    Monetizing our customers’ supply chain and market access, TID turns cost and customer demand into the fastest demonstrable way to dramatically impact our customers’ net profits at little or no cost. By enhancing your existing supply chain and customer base, our system enables you to successfully grow your business and profits, while reducing costs and overall footprint size.

  • TID’s transformational value proposition is enabled by our patented process intensification IP.

    This proprietary technology exploits breakthrough control, catalysts, kinetics and utilities to give TID customers an unequalled competitive advantage. Galvanizing our value proposition is TID’s capital fund that empowers you with the option to grow your business and profits, with no or very little capital cost.


Working With Conventional Supply

In a conventional supply chain, 35 to 70% of your cost is Supplier: profit, sales, marketing, R&D, and administrative expenses. This applies whether you’re in the industry of raw materials, commodity chemicals, specialty chemicals, or pharmaceuticals. Conventional suppliers protect these profits through: core competencies, capital, patents / intellectual know-how, and location / logistics.

Technology Investment & Development (TID) combines its Intellectual Property with Capital to form a turnkey solution that disrupts the flow of profits from suppliers to our customers.


A Comprehensive Supply Solution – The Intensification Reaction CUBE

A comprehensive supply solution is delivered in a compact, automated low-cost package – The Intensification Reaction CUBE. Included in TID’s Intensification Reaction CUBE is turnkey, “plug and play”: chemistry, engineering, modular process fabrication, customer site installation, process operation, access to capital, and a NEW intellectual property route for modernizing and protecting conventional “prior art”.

Within 18–24 months, a modular chemical process is delivered. Once started, the Intensification Reaction CUBE disrupts your current supply chain and immediately delivers: profits, growth, safety, environmental, quality, and surety of supply.