Mimicking the laws of nature our unique service allows our clients to control utilities, kinetics, and catalysts to refine and process products applicable to the oil, petrochemical and pharmaceuticals industries.

Using TID’s service, clients can produce in minutes what takes traditional manufacturers hours to achieve.  Our service provides our clients an unequalled competitive advantage that converts market demand into dramatically increased profits. A facility operating with our service can engage the market at a fraction of the convention, resulting in a business that competes well below the convention’s cost.

TID’s service can be applied to refineries and other production plants allowing its users to capture more value for their production by transforming it into higher-margin finished products.

TID’s customers gain an unequalled competitive advantage through shorter time to market, optimized operation efficiency, high product selectivity and high production purity, resulting in a dramatic reduction in CAPEX and operational costs.

To find out how TID can accomplish all this, read our latest white paper on The Science of Process Intensification. 

Process Intensification White Paper

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