Commercial-Scale Chemical Production Output at Pilot-Scale Size and Cost

TID’s Intensification Reaction CUBE Technology

Using patented process intensification technology (kinetics, utilities, controls and catalysts) Technology Investment & Development’s Intensification Reaction CUBE is delivered as a complete chemical process, accepting raw materials and producing desired finished product(s). Its enabling commercial advantage is a disproportionate reduction in size (or footprint) compared to its rate of production.

Using TID’s Process Intensification Core Technology, chemical rates of reaction increase by a factor greater than 10. This allows for an equal reduction in scale and footprint. The CUBE’s smaller size and advanced computer sensors, monitors and control, allows for similar reductions in capital and variable costs, as well as headcount. Safety is improved and liability is mitigated. It is the only example of a large commercial-scale platform modifiable to be a zero-emission chemical-manufacturing solution available today.


The CUBE is precise, eco-friendly and safe.

Managing precision while navigating the most complicated multi-step or phase reactions is where our Intensification Reaction CUBE is in its element. State-of-the-art data acquisition and process-automation systems algorithmically combine with R&D’s concept to make even the most commercially challenging products feasible.

Like you, safety is our first priority. The advantage of 1/10th scale translates into the ability to more easily control safe environments. Safe engineering principles are at the core of every CUBE. Real-time situational awareness, environmental and operational control, and automated anticipation and prevention are the solutions for almost all safe operating situations. With this unit, human contact is limited, backup and containment systems are feasible, and all but the most extreme countermeasures can be process actuated.

For environmentally conscious customers, the Intensification Reaction CUBE’s micro-footprint lends itself to the option of complete environmental control and (what we believe to be) the only zero discharge-based chemicals manufacturing commercially presently available.


The CUBE: A true innovation with the power of profit.

Our Intensification Reaction CUBE is modular and has strategic flexibility. It features higher-quality outputs, an improved HSE profile, increased profitability, and proprietary intensification zone technology. View our PDF below to learn more about the power of profit with the CUBE.

Intensification Reaction Cube